Why travel to Egypt for IVF?

1- The first egyptian IVF center was established 30 years ago and has high success rates.See Success Rates
2- "IVF in Egypt" serves in any kind of gynecologic and oncologic treatment with  great success.
3- If necessary, assisted hatching, blastocyst transfer procedures are done for no additional cost to increase pregnancy chances.
4- You will be treated by experienced british and European Board certified Doctors with practice experiences in Britain and other Western European Countries.
5- You will have great savings on costs if compared with the clinics in the Western countries.
6- You will receive high quality medical service in the most prestigious clinics
7- You will allow the stress associated with IVF to be melted by a vacation-like environment, in a beautiful city
8-Our priority is YOU. We provide individual solutions for individual people

Safety and Quality in IVF Clinics in Egypt

-Fertility clinics in Egypt are inspected by the regional government,they must adhere to specific regulations in order to practice,this inspection can be without any notice to ensure standards are being met
-There are a number of different types of accreditation for safety and quality but you will see many clinics have ISO accreditation.(which will attest to their adherence to safety and quality).
-The Egyptian Law ban egg donation,sperm donation and surrogacy options.



why choose "IVF in Egypt"?

Drawing (41)Specialist knowledge and expertise
We know the best clinics to find the treatment you want at the best price.

Drawing (41)Experience

we understand your condition and know exactly what you need to make your trip a success.
Drawing (41)Reduced rates
we have access to special deals and discounts not available to the public, including discounts on your treatments.
Drawing (41)Better access
Because we supply so many clients we have  priority when booking popular clinics, hotels and flights.
Drawing (41)Complete packages
we will deal with every aspect of your trip, from door to door, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something.
Drawing (41)One price
 in our "all iclusive packages" everything will be included, so it will be easier to budget for your trip and you’ll have no unexpected expenses.
Drawing (41)Someone to call
just like a holiday rep,"IVF in Egypt"gives you someone to turn to when you need help so that you wont feel on your own in a foreign country.